How To Bypass Android Pattern Lock?

This is a common problem among teenagers to forget the passcode of their mobile phones. Without the pattern or passcode, you cannot unlock the phone and without the phone, the generation will stop evolving. So, we are here to suggest a method by which you can bypass the code without losing any data on your phone.

How To Bypass Android Pattern Lock Without Losing Data?

Normally, if you go to a service center or any other mobile repair shop, they will go for a factory reset. This will make all your data go away and you have to start from scratch. This is a heavy price to pay when you forget the pattern of your android device. There are 3 ways that we will tell you. Stick through the article and find out every way to bypass the android pattern lock without losing the data.

How To Bypass Android Pattern Lock Without Losing Data?

We are going to share various methods through which you can bypass the Android pattern lock without losing data. It is a very easy task and you don’t need any experts knowledge for this. You can easily do this within a work of few minutes. Let us come to the first method which is the best and easiest in all three.

#1. Using PhoneRescue for Android

PhoneRescue for Android can be the most dependable and effective approach to open Android Device. Regardless of whether your screen is locked with any sort of password, pattern or unique finger impression, it effectively expels them without losing any information. Only 1 basic snap is expected to complete everything. it won’t look into your gadget. All records and individual information on gadget will stay 100% secure. More than anything, PhoneRescue for Android is thoroughly free for clients to open locked Android devices.

This app can also recover all your lost photos and data if you are willing to allow this app to look into your device’s storage.
Let’s see how to use this app.

  • Firstly, you have to download the application on your PC or MAC.
  • Then, connect your phone and link it with the application.
  • Then click on start and the process of decryption will begin.
  • After the process, your phone is ready to be used again with no data lost.

#2. Using Your Google Account

This method is outdated for 95% of Android users. This method is successful only to phones with Android version 4.4 or Lower.

  • Try to enter the wrong passcode or pattern for multiple times.
  • After that click on the forget password button.
  • Here, you will be asked to sign in to your Google Account.
  • Once, you have signed in to your Google A/c, enter the details and tap on sign in.

You have full control of your phone again.

#3. Using Android Device Manager

This method comes with a condition. Before you lock your phone, you have to allow Android Device Manager to work in the background otherwise your chances are bleak to unlock the device.
It is therefore advised to allow Android Device Manager the moment you buy a new Android Phone.
Steps to use this are:

  • Go to your browser on your PC or MAC.
  • Visit:
  • Sign in with your details and that you used to sign in on your android device.
  • There will be an interface of the Android Device Manager and on this choose the phone you want to unlock.
  • Click on lock button. Enter a temporary passcode.
  • No need to give any recovery message and you are good to go.
  • After the process is over you will get a conformation showing three buttons: Ring, Lock and Erase.
  • Go to your phone and enter the temporary passcode on it and your device is unlocked.

Three methods to do an ordeal which no one else can do. But we will suggest you to use the first method, that is, the PhoneRescue method. As the Google account method is only applicable to the lower side of 5% devices and the Android Device Manager requires an early access.

Wrapping Up:

The first method is easy and also work every time. So, try it out and comment down below did it work? Want to read more articles? Go to our official website and find more tech blogs and tricks about Android devices and PCs. Share this article with your near and dear ones as information is necessary in everyone’s lives. Each and every hour a person forgets his or her mobile pattern Lock and you can help them get their phones recovered for free and without losing any data as well.

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