Top 5 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

Almost everyone use WhatsApp and we all are always excited to know more about it. So, Today here we are sharing some amazing10 WhatsApp tips and tricks with you. We can surely say that you give will love these tips and after knowing these tricks you will become pro in using WhatsApp.

5 Important WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Lets, find out some WhatsApp tricks:-

1. Send Text in Different Format

So, this the feature of WhatsApp in which you can send your text in Italic Form, Strikethrough Form, or you can bold your text. So, let’s see you can use this.

If You want to make your message bold, simply put an asterisk (*) at the beginning and the end of your message. For an example if you would like to Bold your message “Hi”, you will need to type *Hi* that’s it. For Italic Form put underscore( _ ) at the beginning and end of your text. The same goes for Strikethrough text, use the symbol (~) at the beginning and end of your text.

2. Bookmark Important Messages

There is another feature of WhatsApp, you can Bookmark your important text. It is a very simple process, you have to press your important text, after pressing, you will see a star like symbol on the top side you simple have to click that symbol that’s it. After clicking on that symbol, you will see a star on your important text, it means your text is bookmarked.

3. Change Language to your Regional Language

If you want to change your WhatsApp chat language, here we will tell you to step by step how you can change:

Step 1 :- Go to Settings in WhatsApp,

Step 2 :- Click on “Chats”

Step 3 :- There you will find the option “App Language” click on that and choose your comfort language.

That’s it, now no need to worry about any language, you can choose any language in which you are comfortable.

4. Read WhatsApp Message Without Blue Trick

It is an amazing trick, everyone wants to use this trick. When we want to read someone’s message without knowing that person and without showing a blue tick on WhatsApp at that time this trick is much useful. It is a very simple trick, When you receive a message on WhatsApp, turn on Airplane mode, you can now go to WhatsApp and read that text. After reading the text close WhatsApp and disable the Airplane mode.

5. Share Live Location

It is an interesting feature of WhatsApp. With this feature of WhatsApp, you can share your Live Location with any person and another person can also share their live location with you. Don’t you think that it seems to be an interesting feature of WhatsApp?

This feature is useful to keep track of the location of any family member at night. If you lost any unknown place and you don’t know where you are, at that time you can share your live location with your friends and family members so they can pick you up from that place or they can tell you where you are if they familiar with that place. So, now you agree with me that it is an amazing and helpful feature of WhatsApp.

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